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Posted by Dr. Guide on Sep 20, 2012
Stupidness 3 Solutions / Guide / Walkthrough / Answers for the first 35 Levels

Stupidness 3 Solutions / Guide / Walkthrough / Answers for the first 35 Levels

Welcome to Stupidness 3 Solutions / Guide / Walkthrough / Answers. This page will give you all the answers to every one of the first 35 levels in Stupidness 3.  We are working on adding additional levels and added and add new walkthroughs as needed.  Stupidness 3 is a new popular question-answer style puzzle game on the app store, and has a free version and a pro version. Use this guide to get through all the levels with ease!


Stupidness 3 Free and Paid


1. The shortest here is the turtle, so tap the turtle to move onto the next puzzle.

2. The order is a list of even numbers, so the next number in the set would therefore be 12.

3. The room that would be the safest would be the room with lions that haven’t eaten in 3 years (as the lions would be long dead).

4. Turn your device upside down, then tap the smaller tick.

5. This is a trick question, it wants you to tap on the image that is furthest from the word “us”. Therefore you need to tap the moon.

6. Using your finger, slash through the blue wire.

7. If you are having issues, a good trick here is to just continuously tap the screen where the star crosses through.

8. The next in the order is of course -3, but it doesn’t have an obvious minus sign. The trick is to drag the _ up to form a -, and then tap the 3.

9. Tap on the red wire and slide it away to the side, do this again for the yellow and green wires, then slash the blue wire.

10. To hide the elephant, tap and drag him completely off of the screen.

11. Think powers here, so place the number 3 at the front, and then place place 21 to the top right of number 3. This is 3 to the power of 21, which is the biggest number.


12. Grab onto the bow and shoot the actual word “bird”.

13. Tap and press left of the box to push it off the screen and advance to the next level.

14. The trick here is that you don’t have to put them all into a single outline each. So put all the shapes into the square and you are done.

15. Another tricky one, but you can use the period in the question. So in the question sentence, drag the period down and form the number 2.34.

16. It doesn’t want you to push down on the button 3 times, but instead push it to the side 3 times. So tap beside it and slide your finger to push the button, and do this 3 times.

17. Again you can use the sentence itself here to solve the question. So for this one, move the 1 in front of the 16 to the top right of the 1 in the question (so it’s 1 to the power of 1). Thus 1^1 + 2 + 3 = 6.

18. For this one, put the cat and the fish in the boxes. This will actually only leave a cat, so go ahead and rub away the word fish and you are through.

19. You don’t need to tap on the actual buttons at all here, instead, push up the actual word “buttons”.

20. Grab and move the third arrow up so it joins to the first arrow, then tap it.

21. Tap on the four apples to remove those, then shakes your device to knock the remaining hidden ones down.

22. Turn your device upside-down, qhich makes the equation 12 = 6 + 6. Now simply tap the screen to move on.


23. This one has a few steps:
a) To make it summer, move the sun closer to the earth.
b) For winter, move the sun further away from the sun.
c) To make it night, move the sun right off the screen.
d) To create wind, move the Earth around over and over.
e) Finally to get rid of Earth, move it to the middle of the sun.

24. Tap on hold on only the right hand and then shake your device.

25. 5 stars of course.

26. To create a third square, move the second square on top of the first so it’s top left corner overlaps the bottom right of the first square, creating another square.

27. The frog always jumps forward one leaf, so outsmart it by tapping on two leaves at the same time (the one he is currently on, and the next one).

28. For this one, if you rub out the smoke on top of the coffee you wil turn it into an iced coffee, therefore passing the level.

29. To get the ball out, flip the device towards yourself. This will toss the ball out of the box and you are done.

30. The frog is smarter now, and will jump to other leaves. So tap on all 4 leaves at the same time to trap him and get him whereever he jumps to.

31. Don’t flip your device, but look at the inverted words and tap on the upside-down “here” in the question area.

32. For this one, hold onto the pen and the cap using two different fingers and then drag them apart.

33. The polar bears are actually trapped in the garbage container here, so flip your device around so the fall out.

34. Don’t worry about the button and the timer, instead just tap and drag the words “5 minute break” in the question. Think of it as you are “taking” a “5 minute break”.

35. Another one where you can use the question sentence, so grab the comma from the question and drag it to the end of “Stupidness 3”. This forms a longer sentence.


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