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Posted by John Madison on Sep 27, 2012
Toyzilla launches on the App Store

Toyzilla launches on the App Store

“Toyzilla” is a new App in the store and it is a freemium targeting at some 60 million iPad gamers.

The game is made specially for the tablet to take advantage of the big screen and until the gamer’s experience can be enhanced on a smaller screen, the developer will not be releasing the game on iPhone.

For players who crave action, they can start by unleashing one or more Toyzillas (destructive little monsters) to destroy fortresses in the “Beginner’s Alley”.

Do not be fooled by the name though, while these fortress levels built by the developers are not difficult to conquer, it is challenging to get a perfect score.

And beyond the 30 game levels in the Beginner’s Alley, there’s the REAL challenge and charm of the game in the ONLINE mode.

You see, besides the madcap mayhem in the Crush mode, every player has to strategise and build fortresses to protect their Royal Family from being seized.

There are attractive rewards to be earned from building a strong fortress, and with players constantly building and sharing their creations, there is practically no limit to the number of the challenges and creativity that is present in Toyzilla.

Expect a display of wild animation and destructive skills by the adorable Toyzillas and also a constant challenge of your strategising skills in Toyzilla!

Build – Share – Destroy! It’s in you!

* Great entertainment that appeals to the Creative and/or Destructive individual
* Variety of Toy Designs to be seen and collected
* Choice of action-packed “Crush” game mode and
* Relaxed “Build” mode to suit your gaming mood
* Built-in Physics engine in “Build” mode tests your building logic
* Thrilling Destruction Effects and Animation
* Special events with Boss Characters in coming updates
* Different Themes to choose from
* A game of luck, strategy and cuteness overload
* Play with friends and other online players

* Requires iPad2 and New iPad
* Requires Internet connection to load other players’ Fortress in “Crush” mode
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* Estimated 40 MB

Download Toyzilla!

Download Here

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