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Posted by John Madison on Oct 20, 2012
Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition (iOS)

Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition (iOS)

Looking for some sweet seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad? Well no look no further! We have a bunch of the best seeds available listed out here. Tons of mountains, waterfalls, islands and more! Plus if you want even more seeds, download the app at the bottom called “Guidecraft”, which is a sweet app on the App Store (and it’s free!)



Mountains, Trees, Massive Overhangs & Caverns
Seed: goob5678

This is really an awesome seed, with huge mountains, massive overhangs, caverns, waterfalls. You will be in awe!


Mountains, Desert Bowls and Waterfalls
Seed: the bogs of gob

A really cool map with mountains, desert bowls, a huge overhang off a mountain, waterfalls and lavafalls. Tons of cool content.


Winter world
Seed: hdhd37jfu25jfj8jfj3f28

Creates a world with a good amount of snow and ice.


Mountains & Caves
Seed: rjrujrhgeiigieigjeidjc

A cool seed with a bunch of mountains with cool caves.


Many Small Islands
Seed: mooman

An interesting seed with a bunch of small islands.


Medium Islands
Seed: izzy

A seed with a bunch of medium sized islands.


Forests & More Forests
Seed: lol

This seed is filled with tons of trees, if you are looking for a map with a ton of wood.


Waterfall & Lavafall
Seed: infinityquake

This seed has both a waterfall and lavafall right near each other. Giving some early obsidian.


Giant Desert, Lavafalls and Mountains
Seed: unrealengines

This seed has a giant desert, for any desert fans. Also nearby is a giant mountain area with lavafalls, floating islands and other cool stuff.


Survival Islands
Seed: survival islands

This seed is littered with small islands, a great survival map.



Get more seeds in Guidecraft – Furniture, Seed and Crafting Guide for Minecraft

Guidecraft - Furniture, Seed and Crafting Guide for Minecraft - Rocket Splash Games