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Posted by Dr. Guide on Dec 11, 2012
100 Floors Christmas Special Solutions / Walkthrough / Guide

100 Floors Christmas Special Solutions / Walkthrough / Guide

Welcome to the 100 Floors Christmas Special Solutions / Walkthrough / Guide, giving you the solutions to all the current 15 levels of 100 Floors Christmas Special. We will keep watch for additional levels and add additional walkthroughs as needed. 100 Floors Floors Christmas Special is the Christmas version of the popular puzzle title on the app store and is free to download. Use this guide to get through all the levels with ease, or just as a helper to get through a level you are really stuck at.

Floor 1
The number you are trying to get is “1225” (Christmas). Every time you press a button it also changes the numbers around it.

If you So the order to press them are:

SECOND DOWN (three times)
FOURTH UP (three times)
FIRST UP (three times)

Floor 2
Your goal is to change the stars so they match the tree. The insides should all be triangles, with no crosses. Once you are done tap on the silver/gold snowflake and the door will open.

Floor 3
First off, tap on the light switch to turn off the light. Wait a couple seconds and a present will fall. Swipe the present so it’s under the tree and you will see two pieces, a chess piece and a key. Put both in your inventory. Now use the key on the keyhole on the right side of the fireplace and you are through.

Floor 4
for this floor you need to create a complete circuit. The black lines will be on the right and the green will be on the left. The dot connecting the black to green will stay in the middle. Keep moving them around so the black moves from the top left to the bottom and then back to the middle. The green will then start from the middle, move up then shift down to the bottom right.

Floor 5
For this one, you will need to change all the snowflakes to the other style in exactly 5 moves. You can use the button on the side to reset if you like.

To solve this, tap on all four corners than tap on the middle and you are done.

Floor 6
In this floor, you need to move all the red to the left and all the blue to the right (basically swap them all). It can take a bit of time, but just do it one at a time. Get whatever piece you want to move to the bottom slot of the side it’s currently on, and then do the swap. Be patient and you will make it through.

Floor 7
The letters here mean (R)ight, (D)own, (L)eft and (U)p. You will need to press the buttons on the wall so for each button you press, the next button you will press is to the direction of the previous on. So if you press an (R) button, the next one you press will be the button to the right.

Start off at the first L in the third row, and move from there.

Floor 8
You can see that you currently have a triangle on the door. Note beneath the door that it wants you to change to the other style of triangle, and the six means in six tries on the four buttons on the door (which will rotate them). Doing so will open the door.

The exact steps to do this are: TOP-LEFT, TOP-LEFT, TOP-RIGHT, TOP-RIGHT, TOP-LEFT, TOP-RIGHT

Floor 9
First off, tap the light switch and you will see a bunch of squares coming into the door. You will have to press these in a certain order to light it all up and make it through.


Floor 10
For this door you will see a chess board on the door, so tap your chess piece to attach it on the door. The piece can move as a knight can in chess (so in a L fashion) and every spot you move to turns to black. Your goal is to make every spot on the door black. This will take a bit of time but keep at it.

Floor 11
Start off by using you hammer to smash the bottom part of the red number 1 in the bottom-left corner. The goal here is to move the numbers so they overlay the colors below. The numbers it will spell out are 12-25 (Christmas).

Floor 12
If you press the stars they will change to different numbers. Basically you have to decide four numbers so every equation on the board works out.

The solution is: 3, 2, 1, 5

Floor 13
In this typical sliding puzzle, you will need to move the blocks around so they photos in the squares match the photo below. It will take a bit of time, but just be patient and work through it.

Floor 14
You can press the buttons on the door to draw lines on the wall. There are clues on the floor for how it should look. Note that the S shape is in the middle of the door, and make sure to start from the bottom-left and work to end up on the top-right.

Floor 15
This is another sliding puzzle, your goal here is to move the blue rectangle into the top-left corner of the screen. Once you do this you are done.