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Posted by John Madison on Dec 21, 2012
“iFlipBook” app available on Apple App Store

“iFlipBook” app available on Apple App Store

Available today in AppStore “iFlipBook” offers new possibilities of using iPhone buid-in camera. What is the flipbook official definition? It is a book with a series of drawings that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the drawings appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change. Nowadays, this can be done with the iPhone camera, using real videos and photos instead of drawings. iFlipBook addresses to photo & video enthusiasts that can enrich their Facebook or YouTube account with unusual videos, in the same time giving flavor to their parties.

iFlipBook was specially designed to allow capturing low frame rate videos in a simple and intuitive way. The user can select the required frame rate using the FPS slider located in the right side of the screen. iFlipBook supports both real time video recording or direct frame-by-frame recording as well as importing user’s pictures from the device’s Photo Library. 27 filtered effects are available within the application to be applied on the whole film or on certain frames, only. The native integration of Facebook, YouTube and Email allows the movies to be easily shared.


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iFlipBook app is now available for free in the US and worldwide for the winter holiday. It comes with 9 in-app purchases, each available for $0.99 (priced accordingly in the other regions). For the future a new version on this app will be available, the developers working on some new features.

Please visit for more information, including videos, screenshots and tips about this application.

The iFlipBook app was developed by Hypersense Software, a web and mobile development company founded in 2003.