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Posted by Dr. Guide on Feb 5, 2013
Pixel People Combinations, Guide, Walkthrough

Pixel People Combinations, Guide, Walkthrough

Pixel People is a new addicting game from Chillingo and LambdaMu Games. Your goal is to create a mega city, filled with, you guessed it, Pixel People! There are 150 professions combinations to unlock total in the game, and this walkthrough guide gives them ALL. To create a new profession, you need to combine two current professions in the test tube. There are 4 special jobs as well.



Profession Unlocked From Building Employed In
Accountant Secretary + Mathematician Financial Center, Bank, Pharmacy
Actor Director + Model Theatre, Film Studio
Aerospace Engineer Mechanical Engineer + Pilot Observatory, Space Admin
Ancient Hero Preacher + Weather Reporter Hero Mansion, Astro Church
Animal Trainer Sheriff + Vet Animal Shelter
Anti Hero Grave Digger + Super Hero Hero Mansion
Apprentice Wizard + Assistant School of Magic
Archaeologist Historian + Explorer Museum
Architect Mayor + Engineer Town Hall, Building Firm
Art Dealer Artist + Salesman Gallery
Artist Architect + Dreamer Gallery, Arcade
Assistant Mechanic + Mechanic Town Hall, Law Firm
Astronaut Pilot + Astronomer Space Admin
Astronomer Physicist + Dreamer Observatory, Space Admin
Athelete Construction Worker + Farmer Stadium
Atomic Hero Radiologist + General Hero Mansion
Baker Cook + Homemaker Central Square
Ballet Dancer Athlete + Artist Dance Studio
Barista Bartender + Waiter Cafe
Bartender Winemaker + Salesman Tavern, Bar
Botanist Farmer + Farmer Greenhouse, Nursery
Break Dancer Ballet Dancer + Rapper Dance Studio
Buccaneer Captain + Explorer Tavern
Calligrapher Writer + Artist Gallery
Cameraman Photographer + Mechanic TV Station, Photo Studio
Captain Fishmonger + Sheriff Lake
Car Designer Mechanical Engineer + Artist Garage
Carpenter Shepherd + Homemaker Central Square, Circus
Cattle Rustler Jockey + Animal Trainer Stable, Stadium
Centaur Mutant + Jockey Altar
Cheerleader Athlete + Ballet Dancer Stadium, Dance Studio
Chef Artist + Cook Restaurant
Choreographer Ballet Dancer + Director Dance Studio
Clown Comic + Painter Circus
Coach Athlete + Athlete Stadium
Comic Actor + Poet Bar
Construction Worker Mechanical Engineer + Deputy Construction Yard
Cook Homemaker + Fishmonger Fast Food, Diner
Coroner Grave Digger + Doctor Funeral Parlor
Courier Mailman + Salesman Post Office
Cryptozoologist Zookeeper + Detective Research Facility, Tavern
CSI Detective + Photographer Forensic Lab
Deep Sea Diver Marine Biologist + Explorer Tavern, Aquarium
Dentist Doctor + Artist Dentist’s Office
Deputy Assistant + Sheriff Sheriff’s Office, Police Station
Detective Police Officer + Philosopher Police Station, Forensic Lab, Law Firm
Director Cameraman + Cameraman Film Studio, Theatre
Disc Jockey Jockey + Choreographer Radio Station, Dance Studio
Doctor Engineer + Nurse Clinic, Hospital, Gene Pool
Dreamer Special N/A
Editor Writer + Writer Publishing House, Library
Engineer Mayor + Mechanic Utopium Mine, Garage
Explorer Special N/A
Farmer Engineer + Gardener Farm, Market
Firefighter Mechanic + Police Officer Fire Station
First Mate Captain + Deputy Lake
Fishmonger Farmer + Plumber Lake, Market
Flight Attendant Pilot + Waiter Airport
Flight Controller Architect + Pilot Airport
Florist Farmer + Botanist Flower Shop, Nursery, Farmer’s Market
Food Critic Cook + Reporter News Bureau
Footballer Athlete + Cheerleader Stadium
Forensic Scientist Detective + Scientist Forensic Lab
Game Designer Programmer + Artist Arcade
Gardener Landscaper + Deputy Nursery, Greenhouse
General Marine + Soldier Bunker
Geneticist Scientist + Doctor Gene Pool
Genie Magician + Magician Tavern, Fortune Teller, Circus
Geologist Miner + Scientist Observatory
Grave Digger Farmer + Soldier Funeral Parlor
Greengrocer Farmer + Salesman Farmer’s Market, Ninja HQ
Historian Philosopher + Librarian Museum, University
Homemaker Farmer + Gardener Market, Farm, Greenhouse
Hotel Manager Homemaker + Salesman Hotel Utopia, Spa
Industrialist Salesman + Salesman Enterprise
Interior Designer Architect + Artist Gallery
Janitor Plumber + Construction Worker Central Square, Diner, Fast Food
Jockey Animal Trainer + Valet Stable
Judge Lawyer + Sheriff Courthouse
Landscaper Assistant + Architect Nursery
Lawyer Sheriff + Salesman Law Firm, Court, Publishing House
Librarian Writer + Poet Library
Lifeguard Olympic Swimmer + Paramedic Swimming Pool
Magician Accountant + Accountant Circus, School of Magic
Mailman Reporter + Valet Post Office
Marine Soldier + Olympic Swimmer Bunker
Marine Biologist Vet + Olympic Swimmer Aquarium
Martial Artist Ballet Dancer + Soldier Dojo
Matador Animal Trainer + Wrestler Circus
Mathematician Philosopher + Scientist University, Financial Center, IT Services
Mayor Default Town Hall
Mechanic Car Designer + Mechanic Spaceport
Mechanical Engineer Mechanic + Engineer Construction Yard, Grage
Milkmonger Farmer + Animal Trainer Market
Miner Grave Digger + Explorer Utopium Mine
Model Photographer + Lifeguard Fashion Studio, Photo Studio
Mutant Special N/A
Ninja Martial Artist + Soldier Ninja HQ, Dojo
Nurse Homemaker + Gardener Clinic, Homemaker, Hospital
Olympic Swimmer Athlete + Fishmonger Swimming Pool
Oracle Philosopher + Preacher Fortune Teller, Astro Church
Painter Artist + Construction Worker Construction Yard
Palaeontologist Archaeologist + Cryptozoologist Museum
Paramedic Police Officer + Doctor Fire Station
Park Ranger Sheriff + Landscape Park
Pharmacist Doctor + Salesman Pharmacy
Philosopher Dreamer + Dreamer University
Photographer Mechanic + Artist Photo Studio, Wedding Planner, Gallery
Physicist Scientist + Mathematician University
Physiotherapist Athlete + Doctor Spa, Clinic, Arena
Pilot Valet + Mechanic Airport
Plumber Engineer + Assistant Central Square
Poet Writer + Dreamer Cafe, Art Gallery, Library
Police Officer Sheriff + Sheriff Police Station, Bank, Court
Postmaster General Mailman + General Post Office
Preacher Philosopher + Dreamer Astro Church
Programmer Mathematician + Engineer IT Services, Arcade
Radiologist Doctor + Photographer Hospital, Dentist’s Office
Rapper Poet + Disc Jockey Dance Studio
Real Estate Agent Architect + Salesman Building Firm
Receptionist Secretary + Model Hotel Utopia, Enterprise, Dentist’s Office
Referee Coach + Judge Stadium, Arena
Reporter Detective + Writer News Agency, TV Station
Ringmaster Animal Trainer + Clown Circus
Salesman Special N/A
Scientist Philosopher + Engineer Research Facility, Gene Pool
Secret Agent Ninja + Detective Ninja HQ, Hero Mansion
Secretary Mayor + Deputy Bank, Enterprise, Financial Center
Sensei Martial Artist + Philosopher Dojo
Shepherd Animal Trainer + Milkmonger Stable
Sheriff Mayor + Mayor Sheriff’s Office
Soldier Police Officer + Explorer Bunker
Songwriter Poet + Poet Radio Station, Restaurant
Stunt Double Actor + Martial Artist Film Studio
Super Hero Soldier + Geneticist Hero Mansion
Sushi Chef Chef + Martial Artist Sushi Bar
Swimsuit Model Model + Olympic Swimmer Fashion Studio, Swimming Pool
System Admin Programmer + Programmer IT Services
Tailor Model + Artist Central Square, Fashion Studio, Weddings R Us
Taxidermist Vet + Coroner Park
Time Traveller Watchmaker + Explorer Tavern
Valet Car Designer + Hotel Manager Hotel Utopia, Theatre
Vet Park Ranger + Doctor Animal Shelter
Vocalist Songwriter + Actor Radio Station, Recording Studio, Bar
Waiter Cook + Assistant Diner, Restaurant
Watchmaker Historian + Mechanic Central Square
Weather Reporter Reporter + Geologist News Bureau
Wedding Planner Winemaker + Baker Weddings R Us
Winemaker Farmer + Dreamer Farm
Wizard Magician + Scientist School of Magic
Wrestler Athlete + Actor Arena
Writer Secretary + Dreamer TV Station, Cafe, Publishing House
Zookeeper Animal Trainer + Park Ranger Park
Zoologist Botanist + Vet Research Facility, Animal Shelter, Aquarium

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