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Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2011
Infinity Blade Guide

Infinity Blade Guide

Infinity Blade is the fastest grossing game on the iPhone. So spend some time with this quick guide and learn about the stats needed, cheats, swords available, treasure locations and more. Everything you need to get through the game. Make your warrior the most powerful he can be.





Health determines your health pool, ie, how much damage you can take before dying. Each point of Health gives you 60 HP.

Attack determines how much damage you do with every hit. Every point of attack gives 1 point of damage.

Shield determines how many attacks you can block. Every point of Shield gives 1 point on your block meter.

Magic determines how much damage or healing you do with magic spells. Every point of Magic gives 10 points of damage.

Defensive Moves
There are three types of defense: block, parry and dodge.

You can block by holding in the center area of the screen. You can only block if you have points in your block meter. Attacks remove points from this meter. Any attacks that charge can’t be blocked.

You can parry by swiping the screen exactly when an enemy attacks. The parry break will allow you enough time to unleash a combo, so it is very useful, but hard to pull off.

You can dodge by tapping your finger on the left or right areas of the screen when an enemy attacks. Dodge in the direction an attack is coming from. Punches cannot be dodged, so make sure to block these.

1) Huge Hit (3-hit combo)
Left, Right, Left
The final hit in this combination will do 2x damage.

2) Mega Hit (4-hit combo)
Left, Left, Right, Right
The final hit in this combination will do 2.5x damage.

3) Ultra Hit (5-hit combo)
Left, Right, Up, Down, Left
The final hit in this combination will do 3x damage.

Scratches and Stabs
Scratches occur when you hit an enemy exactly when they attack. It does only 1/4 of the damage but can be used well versus slower opponents.

Stabs occur when you hit an enemy during special points their animation. Tap the white circle to stab (2x damage)and your opponent will be vulnerable, so throw in a combo.

Sword List
Steel Sword
XP: 640
Cost: 320
Bonus To Attack: 4

XP: 820
Cost: 450
Bonus To Attack: 5

Bronze Axe
XP: 665
Cost: 570
Bonus To Attack: 4
Added Effect: XPGain+

Dawn Blade
XP: 720
Cost: 910
Bonus To Attack: 4
Added Effect: Fire+1

XP: 750
Cost: 1340
Bonus To Attack: 6
Added Effect: Ice+1

XP: 800
Cost: 1950
Bonus To Attack: 6
Added Effect: Drain+1

Sword of Storms
XP: 900
Cost: 2400
Bonus To Attack: 5
Added Effect: Shock+4

XP: 800
Cost: 2850
Bonus To Attack: 7
Added Effect: Poison+3

XP: 1000
Cost: 3600
Bonus To Attack: 10
Added Effect: XPGain+

XP: 1800
Cost: 4000
Bonus To Attack: 12

Saw Tooth
XP: 1500
Cost: 5400
Bonus To Attack: 8
Added Effect: Poison+4, XPGain++

XP: 1900
Cost: 5500
Bonus To Attack: 11
Added Effect: Fire+2

XP: 2200
Cost: 7500
Bonus To Attack: 10
Added Effect: Shock+4

XP: 2400
Cost: 8200
Bonus To Attack: 15

XP: 2900
Cost: 9600
Bonus To Attack: 13
Added Effect: Drain+5

XP: 2200
Cost: 11400
Bonus To Attack: 14
Added Effect: Ice+2

XP: 2600
Cost: 11420
Bonus To Attack: 12
Added Effect: Fire+3

XP: 7777
Cost: 13000
Bonus To Attack: 3
Added Effect: Drain+30

Lady Finger
XP: 4200
Cost: 14900
Bonus To Attack: 18
Added Effect: Drain+2

XP: 3800
Cost: 15800
Bonus To Attack: 15
Added Effect: Shock+4

Iron Claw
XP: 4400
Cost: 17500
Bonus To Attack: 20

XP: 9900
Cost: 19360
Bonus To Attack: 1
Added Effect: XPGain+++

XP: 3900
Cost: 21540
Bonus To Attack: 22

XP: 3600
Cost: 24200
Bonus To Attack: 14
Added Effect: Poison+4

XP: 3600
Cost: 29200
Bonus To Attack: 24

XP: 3600
Cost: 36600
Bonus To Attack: 18
Added Effect: Shock+8

XP: 5600
Cost: 40000
Bonus To Attack: 20
Added Effect: Fire+8

XP: 3400
Cost: 45200
Bonus To Attack: 30

XP: 5800
Cost: 61500
Bonus To Attack: 25
Added Effect: Drain+15

XP: 6400
Cost: 74300
Bonus To Attack: 24
Added Effect: Ice+10

XP: 5400
Cost: 92400
Bonus To Attack: 28
Added Effect: Shock+10

XP: 8800
Cost: 158000
Bonus To Attack: 32
Added Effect: Poison+12

The Infinity Blade
XP: 15000
Cost: 514900
Bonus To Attack: 200

Cheats & Unlockables

Unlock The Infinity Blade
Beat the God King to unlock the Infinity Blade in the store. It costs a huge amount of money but does +200 damage.

Cheap Leveling Up
Mastering weapons gives you stat points you can use to level up. Cheap weapons can be mastered much faster than expensive ones, so though the expensive weapons may be tempting, you should purchase cheap stuff early on and master it first to take advantage of the stat points. Then, you can use better, more expensive weappons to level up near the end of the game instead of crappy, cheap weapons.

Fast Money
Here is a great way to increase your Infinity Sword fund. You must be able to beat the God King before attempting this.

Step 1:
Go to Options while in game and Restart to Bloodline 1.

Step 2:
Get defeated by the God King and wait until you get to you saying the following, “Father, I will avenge you”

Step 3:
Get to the God King as fast as possible, skipping chests unless you walk by them and you don’t have to fight anyone.

Step 4:
Eventually you come to a door where you go straight or to the right. Click on the door and go through it.

Step 5:
Fight the last enemiess and you should now be at the God King.

Step 6:
Kill him whatever way possible!

Step 7:
You now should get between 8000-11000 gold and a item.

Step 8:
Sell all the items you have more then 1 of this to increase your gold.

Step 9:
Repeat until you lose — at level 150 it becomes significantly less fruitful due to the boss’s difficulty.

Note: Once you get around Bloodline 10 that’s when you want to fight as many monsters as possible since you get between 2000-6000 gold.

Double Bloodline
Make sure do every bloodline twice (get killed by the dark knight and restart the castle. you keep all xp, gold and items gained during the castle.)


Defense Tips
Each type of defense will disable your opponent for a length of time relative to the move’s difficulty. Parrying, being the most difficult, disables your opponent the longest. This middle ground is occupied by dodging, and blocking offers the shortest window of attack opportunity.

Combos also make an important appearance in Infinity Blade in that they offer a way to make extra XP and land some additional hits on your enemy while they are in a vulnerable state. To do so, rapidly swipe at your enemy while they are dazed and you should land a quick combo.

Super Attack
Super attacks are a quick and easy way to land a devastating attack on an enemy. In the upper left corner of your screen, you should see a small blue icon with a sword in the center. Gradually as you fight and conquer enemies, this meter will fill up. When full, tap it to unleash a heavy attack on your enemy.

Equipment XP
Weapons, helmets, shields, armor, and rings all earn XP when equipped that contribute to your overall XP. Each item can be mastered, which will earn you a skill point but will also lock that item from earning additional XP. Because of this, it is wise to upgrade each piece of equipment once it has been mastered.

Switch Weapons
Once a weapon is mastered it no longer gives you XP. So switch up your inventory from time to time to get your character to the highest levels. Mastered items double in value – sell them in the store if you need more gold.

Stat Points Guide
The best way to spend your stat points is::

20 to 30 total points. Use this for magic early, but for healing late game as all mobs are immune.

30 to 40 total points. This can be low as the infinity blade will give you 200 and no matter how much you increase it.

Half points remaining in both. Increase shield in last half as the game is easy early.

Treasure Locations

Treasure 1
This treasure is located on the tight side near the gate after the 2nd battle.

Treasure 2
This treasure is located on the right balcony after entering the gate.

Treasure 3
This treasure is located on the 4th battle before the bridge, have to scroll down the screen to see it.

Treasure 4
This treasure is located on the 6th battle after the bridge, left side to the big door.

Treasure 5
Take the option to go up the stairs, after the 7th battle, you’ll reach a balcony, fight your 8th battle.

Treasure 6
This treasure is located during the 9th battle, at the stairs.

Treasure 7
This treasure is located right before the God King.


A Reed in the Wind
Perform 50 Parries.

All Right, Little Man
Perform a Combo Attack.

Artful Dodger
Dodge 100 times.

Back In My Day
Complete 5 Bloodlines.

Bag of Holding
Increase your inventory by at least 50 items.

Brick Wall
Block 100 attacks.

Block 10 attacks.

Reach level 5.

En Garde!
Perform 10 Parries.

Perform 1,000 Parries.

Fists of Fury
Perform a five-hit combo.

Four on the Floor
Perform a four-hit combo.

Full of Holes
Perform 5 Stab Attacks.

Hardly Working
Acquire 25,000 gold pieces.

If Ya Got It, Use It
Master an inventory item.

Defeat an enemy without taking any damage.

Intimately Familiar
Master 50 inventory items.

Its Own Reward
Acquire 100,000 gold pieces.

Open 100 treasure chests.

Last One Standing
Fight ten enemies in a single playthrough.

Like Dustin’ Crops
Reach level 20.

Like Swiss Cheese
Perform 100 Stab Attacks.

Master of Disaster
Master 10 inventory items.

Defeat an enemy in under 60 seconds.

No, THIS Is Sparta
Perform 50 Super Attacks.

Now Stay Down!
Defeat the God-King.

Now THIS Happens
Perform 50 Combo Attacks.