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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 5, 2011
Real Racing 2 Deal Won’t Break The Bank

Real Racing 2 Deal Won’t Break The Bank

Australian developer Firemint has started a streak of steals and deals when it comes to their series of ‘Real Racing’ iPhone titles.

Now only $1.99, ‘Real Racing’, the first iteration found in the series, is 60 per cent off on the app store.  The title offers brilliant graphics and smooth transitions while sporting 76 unique events, online multiplayer, and nearly fifty sporty vehicles.

‘Real Racing HD’ offers an exact experience down to the amount of tracks and challenges, but with a modified control scheme and higher resolution options for iPad gameplay.  This adaptation is availible for half off – a mere $4.99 for one of the most beautiful,refined apps found within the app store.

The second unique entry into the series of simulations, ‘Real Racing 2’, is also half off during this period.  For just $2.99, users are allotted sixteen-player online competitions, an extensive campaign mode, advanced physics and modeling, licensed vehicles, and more than a dozen mind-numbing real world locations.

Each of the titles have a laundry list of features exclusive to the ‘Real Racing’ series.  Each of the games’ matchmaking systems and multiplayer features easily set the bar when it comes to online gaming on iDevices.

If you’re looking for a spectacular racing simulation experience, then act fast – Firemint’s deal runs until Monday, February 14th.