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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 5, 2011
App Store Changes for iPad

App Store Changes for iPad

Apple has made a multitude of changes to the application store specific to the iPad.  Tweaks include the ability to filter search results and sort through applications that they have already purchased or are considering purchasing.

The advanced application filter options are featured within a newfound toolbar at the top of the results page.  The varied filter settings allow iPad enthusiasts to sort by ‘Customer Rating’, ‘Release Date’, ‘Category’, ‘Price’, and ‘Device’.

With over 60,000 iPad-specific applications available within the App Store, it’s a wonder why Apple hasn’t implicated a feature like this previously.

The second change tweaks the way purchased applications are displayed during App Store searches on the iPad.  Preceding this update, applications – purchased previously or not – appeared as usual until you tapped on the app to reveal further details.

Now, installed applications are clearly labeled with an inactive button noted ‘installed’.  This denotes the app as being one that you can re-download and install it without incurring any further charges.

These changes may not seem like significant tweaks, but they certainly make the search for applications simpler and even more intuitive.