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Posted by admin on Feb 10, 2011
Tap Town Guide

Tap Town Guide

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Game Tools

  1. Game Statistics: This shows your population, population limit, number of buildings, factories placed, factories allowed per level, and the next population number that must be reached before you can build an additional factory. By using this you will be able to keep track of everything.
  2. Magnifying Glass: This zooms in on the town.
  3. Currency: This keeps track of your money.
  4. XP: This shows when you will make it to the next level.
  5. Population: This of course shows your town’s population.
  6. Purchase Currency/ Settings: You can use your real money to purchase money in the game. Also you can use the games settings to change the game to how you like it.
  7. Store: You can purchase items here.
  8. Quests: This shows different quests that you can take.

Game Play

Residential Buildings: You can build houses to increase population and earn xp. Remember you bigger the population the more factories you can have.

Factories: They make you your money and help keep your town going. Factories are the most important building.

Fun Buildings: These building keep you population happy.

Décor/ Animated Items: You can buy décor to add animations to your buildings. Animated items can also be bought. You can buy animated people for instance.

How to Purchase

  1. To purchase anything click the arrow in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap the category that you want.
  3. Check the item’s prices to see how much they cost or what they cost. Some can cost coins or town bucks.
  4. After you pick what you want tap it and tap where to place it, you will see a shadow of it. Tap is one more time then you will see people building what you choose. It will also take time to build stuff. Although you can give up money to build faster.

Increase Population

  • To increase population you need to build houses.
  • Different houses give you different amount of population but, it costs more.
  • By building houses you will also gain xp.
  • By taping a house you can move people in the house but this only happens at certain times.


  • Quests help you unlock more buildings.
  • The more you do the more you unlock.
  • If you complete all of them them you unlock the Golden Gate Bridge.


  • Factories make you money and help you gain xp.
  • Build as many factories as you can but remember you can only build as many as your population allows.
  • When you tap a factory you will see a list of contracts to take.
  • You must complete these on time to make money.
  • After you do a contract you must clean the factory and start over.
  • You will see a broom icon over a factory that needs to be cleaned.

Expanding your Town

  • You can spend 15 town bucks to expand your town right away or you can wait until level 5 and spend 1300 coins.
  • Each expansion is 9X9
  • Go to the store menu and tap expand to expand your town.

Visiting Neighbors

  • You can go to the store menu and tap neighbor to visit a neighbor.
  • When you visit a neighbor you gain xp and coins.
  • You can only visit 5 neighbors a day.

Factory Tips to Gain Fast XP and Coins

  • Set all of your Factories next to each other. This will increase your speed of gaining the coins and xp. Also make sure they have the same contract going at the same time. This 
  • way you will only have to visit your town at one time instead of a bunch of times. This will increase you productivity of your factories.
  • Make sure to activate your push notifications. This will alert you when you need to check your factories. If you wait too long then you can lose time and money but with push notifications you can prevent this.
  • After you factories make you items you will earn you xp and coins. (this will be different with different items) After you harvest the items you need to clean the factory. You will gain 1 xp and 5 coins per factory that you clean. After you clean it you can then start from the beginning.
  • Make sure to keep your factories going at all times.
  • If you wait too long and a contract expires it really isn’t worth reviving it so just let it go.

If you follow this guide you can beat Tap Town easily!