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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 8, 2011
Google Translate App Finally Arrives

Google Translate App Finally Arrives

Most iPhone users have been restricted to using Google’s stagnant web application for the iPhone when it comes to translating multiple words, paragraphs, and pages to different languages.  The new Google Translate app for iPhone, which launched today, solves this problem entirely.

Instead of the standard text-to-text translation that many users became accustomed to when navigating Google’s online translator, the new application offers a host of features that will cease any previous confusion.

Not only can you speak to the application in fifteen different languages and have your sentences translated (on the fly) into over fifty languages, you can listen to translations play back in real time.  Google has also implemented a built-in dictionary, allowing for definitions to be displayed spontaneously.

Google Translate also offers a history option, permitting users to view previously searched translations… even when offline.

Even though Google Translate for Android has been around for a while now, it’s great to have Google Translate finally arrive in the App Store – better late than never.  The new-fangled app is available for free and is compatible with any Apple device running iOS 3.0 or higher.