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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 11, 2011
Street Fighter IV Knocks Out Angry Birds

Street Fighter IV Knocks Out Angry Birds

‘Word of Goo HD’ wasn’t the only discounted application on the market today; Street Fighter IV was a mere 99 cents as well.

Not only is this a stellar deal, but the fourth iteration of the famed franchise has been propelled to the top of the iOS application market.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Angry birds is no longer number one.

Preliminary reports have suggested that Capcom is racking in more than $60,000 each day from this singular title.  Even though the app wasn’t too great initially, but has seen a solid line of updates and additions in recent months.

Even though a purchase for $9.99 was rather questionable, for 99¢ there should be no questions asked.  Street Fighter is good enough – and popular enough – to be the number one application, even if its just for today.