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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 11, 2011
Echofon Update Includes iPad Support

Echofon Update Includes iPad Support

For most Twitter fanatics, the most notable tweeting experience behind TweetDeck is Echofon.  That same group of users would probably agree that are multitude of issues kept the Naan Studio app in TweetDeck’s shadow.

Chances are, their opinion will be slighted following use of the updated client.

The major update to Naan Studio’s most popular product offers native iPad support for the free version along with several fresh features for both the free and paid editions.  Echofon 4.0 now universally offers support for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The update also implements an option that has been an integral part of Echofon for Mac: user streams.  Users will no longer have to refresh the application to view newly-posted tweets – they are streamed automatically.  Photo and video previews are also noticeable when it comes to the client’s main timeline… users will no longer have to guess as to whether or not a tweet has media attached.

Echofon now offers a more advanced mute option that filters tweets based on username, hashtags, or clients used.  While this option is stock for most clients, it is certainly a welcome addition to a growing, flourishing application.

This quintessential update is now live on the app store: you can download the free version (beware of advertisements!) or pay $4.99 for the non-commercial ‘Pro’ version.  Additionally, Echofon will will sport instant push and social event notifications in the coming weeks.