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Posted by admin on Feb 14, 2011
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a port from the mega popular series on PC and console. The game follows the same four squad members as Original Bad Company 2 as they chase down a Russian convoy carrying a sever with designs for a new “super weapon.” The plot isn’t anything more than an excuse to funnel you through areas. It gets the job done though. I don’t play FPS’ for the amazing engrossing stories anyway.


The game’s graphics are pretty good considering the platform. The world is detailed, explosions look nice, and characters are recognizable and look decent. Now sound is a mixed bag. There is a surprising amount of voice work for it being an iPhone game and the sound effects sound great. The one place that the sound fails is when it comes to in game music. When you’re not getting shot at or blowing up a building there is no sound at all. No music, no nothing. That is a problem.

Bad Company really feels like DICE tried it’s hardest to shrink down its award winning PC shooter and stick it onto an iPhone. There are huge set pieces, explosions, and vehicle combat just like on the PC and console versions. It just feels like a Battlefield game. Sadly, while it might feel like a Battlefield game, it doesn’t play like one. The iPhone just wasn’t made for playing FPS’. Controlling your character is a nightmare. The left side of the screen moves your character; you move your thumb forward on the screen your character moves forward. The right side of the screen moves your head and fires your weapon. Sounds pretty workable right? It is in theory, until you place your thumbs on your iPhone, and then you realize you can’t see nearly half of the screen because of your thumbs. Thankfully DICE recognized how difficult this makes things so they slowed down the pace, gave you target assistance and made the game easier to accommodate the iffy controls.

While the campaign is fun and has hours of gameplay, it took me only two matches to realize the multiplayer is anything but. There is a grand total of two multiplayer maps, two mode types, (deathmatch and team deathmatch) and a max of four players on a team. Even all that could have been forgiven if it was at least fun. Sadly, it isn’t.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a valiant effort from DICE to bring Battlefield to IOS. Unfortunately the iPhone just wasn’t made for lighting fast first person action. Aside from the controls the game is pretty linear and has the occasional technical problem. Despite all that, I still had fun playing Bad Company 2. If you can get past all the things I just mentioned then you might really enjoy Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Author: Travis Wahlstedt.

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