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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 16, 2011
TowerMadness Update Features Five New Maps

TowerMadness Update Features Five New Maps

TowerMadness, the smash hit tower defense game from Limbic Software, has received a mammoth new update, which features improved three dimensional graphics, five new-fangled maps, and even a few performance tweaks.

First off, the app now supports the Retina display screens found on Apple’s most recent iPhone and iPod touch, confirming that the 3D strategy game will look sharper and better than ever.

The update also offers five fresh maps, all of which are free. There’s Delphi – A Visit to the Oracle; Dune – Sands of Eternity; Enigma – A Twisted Puzzle; Pinball – Set the Record; and Pitchfork – The Farmer’s Fight. To help manage the game’s array of levels, the map list has been recreated.

Besides the added maps, there are also a handful of tweaks and optimizations, including more accessible scoreboards, a Game Center fix, a unique startup screen, and the removal of holiday graphical additions.
Limbic Software is calling it the “first” big update of 2011, so don’t be surprised by even more alien-attacking content in the near future.