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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 19, 2011
Chillingo’s ‘Sticky’ Puzzler Receives Update

Chillingo’s ‘Sticky’ Puzzler Receives Update

Chillingo’s intriguing but in-the-end disappointing casual title Sticky has received its first update after its first week on the App Store, sporting a host of bug fixes, tweaks, and a new addition.

Because of feedback from players, Sticky now sports a pinch-to-zoom functionality anywhere in the game – an addition which may help remedy the issues that have plagued the game thus far.

Further tweaks include an upgraded platform that will improve loading times and fix framerate issues, helpful game tips on loading screens, and a minimally reduced file size. Various other bug fixes have also been implemented.

As Sticky, you have to fling yourself acround the screen, defeating furious, sludgy enemies. Power-ups are on always on hand – including anvils, ice gems, and shields.

Sticky is available on the App Store for a mere 99c.