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Posted by admin on Mar 17, 2011
League of Evil Review

League of Evil Review

Platformer League of Evil has been called by many other reviewers the “Super Meatboy of iOS” for its fast-paced platforming, difficulty, and ease of death. However, in my eyes the game has its own uniqueness and flair that make it fantastic.

Rendered beautifully in pixel art, League of Evil is the tale of a soldier with incredible jumping ability and a bionic arm tasked to destroy a league of evil scientists, appropriately dubbed the League of Evil. You must robo-arm punch these traitorous scientists to red-pixel goop and do it in a matter of seconds.



You must run, jump, slide down, and kill your way through trap and spiked filled levels, collecting briefcases of intel, avoiding or dispatching guards, and finally Falcon punching a bespectacled scientist. And you must do it quickly. Each level is ranked on a three star system, based on how quickly you complete the run. The three star and one star seem separate by only a few seconds, but a 9 second run and a 13 second run are vastly different in terms of skill. There is no punishment for death, just start over the level and try again.

You have three main powers are work: double jump, which is self-explanatory; your bionic punch, which not only destroys enemies but sends you lunging through the air, helping clear obstacles; and your grip, which lets you slide down walls and jump-climb up them. But beware, you may be a soldier, but you are not durable: one spike or pixel-bullet from a guard will mean your end.



Racing through levels, improving your time, mastering the game controls is the real fun of League of Evil. Perfectly avoiding traps and guards, skillfully gliding through the air, and punching that scientists all within 8 seconds is exhilarating. Your own skill at the game is the best part of it, which is a credit to the game.

A wonderful addition to the App Store, League of Evil is a must-have for anyone who enjoys platformers, pixel art, or just plain fun games.

Author: Kit Marlowe

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