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Posted by admin on Apr 1, 2011
Street Fighter IV Review

Street Fighter IV Review

Street Fighter is perhaps what jumps to mind first when you hear about the fighting genre. So how does this established and beloved fighter make the jump to iOS? Brilliantly.

I am, first off, not a huge fighting game fan. Advanced button combos, aerial leaps, guard breaks, counters – all of these are lost on me. I tend to pick a character in a fighting game, learn a few simple combos, and hope for the best. But when I saw the Street Fighter IV was on sale (which is, sadly, no longer the case) I picked it up, hoping for a new sort of iPod fun.

I was not let down. The game is crisply animated and wonderfully colored, looking as smooth and professional as I have seen on the iOS.The game emulates a small fightstick, with full 8-directional movement, giving it a more authentic feel than another sort of control scheme and the classic K P SP, et cetera buttons occupy the right.


Fighting is incredibly enjoyable, even to a newcomer like. Combos are easily grasped, ultimate moves are instantaneous, and your opponents are ever wily and merciless. Fighting through tournament mode is an excellent timesink, as you battle across the globe fighting sumo wrestlers, practitioners of strange magics, and individuals with curious dress sense.

What is impressive about the game, above all is that it does not feel like a diminished, simple fighter, but rather a well-scaled down version of a console fighter, adapted to the iOS with such ease and skill that the game would be enjoyable to veterans and newcomers alike. The ability to go head to head with your friends over bluetooth makes for even more fun, however the game running in tandem with bluetooth can drain the battery quickly.


But here is the catch: Can I recommend Street Fighter IV at its new price of $4.99? Yes. It is a game, like Infinite Blade, that is worthy of the price. No overpriced money-grab, but a comprehensibly well designed and enjoyable fighter that guarantee hours of entertainment.

Author: Kit Marlowe

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