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Posted by Alexander Bader on Feb 25, 2011
DirecTV App On The Way

DirecTV App On The Way

DirecTV announced on Wednesday that they have an iPad application in development that will let users have full control over their satellite TV service. The handy app will let DirecTV subscribers browse shows, set up recordings, and control their DVRs using Apple’s famed tablet.

While the  company already offers an iPhone app that lets you view listings and schedule recordings, they are looking to expand their user base with an updated iteration.

Although DirecTV hasn’t given an official release date for the app, it is listed as “coming soon” on a special section of its Website.

According to that same page on DirecTV’s official website, the app will launch at a home screen that gives you the latest info on shows and movies you’re watching.  Also featured will be upcoming listings for your favorite shows and even a sports roster complete with scores and upcoming schedules.

You’ll also be able to program your DVR from your iPad by scheduling or canceling recordings.  You can also control DVR playback of recorded shows.

Unlike the Dish Network application, DirecTV will not allow you to stream recorded content from your DVR to your iPad.  The application will also not allow you to watch ‘On Demand’ titles, a la Xfinity.