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Posted by Travis Wahlstetd on Mar 3, 2011

Super Fly Review


Super Fly is a greet little iPhone game where you play as a fly battling against endless waves of bats, crabs, giant crabs, aliens and just about every other creature imaginable in a beautiful cartoon world. As I mentioned above, in Super Fly you play a fly (who knew!) For some reason all the creatures in the entire universe have decided that your fly needs destroying. So that is just what they set out to do.

Now when I say your fly is battling waves of enemies I don’t mean set waves. There isn’t a wave one then a wave two then a wave three. The creatures just stream at you. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible and to eventually battle the boss at the end of the stage. From the start that’s a tall order since your fly is armed with just a simple pocket knife.  With a knife in hand your fly will be lucky to last two minutes against the horde. Thankfully there is the Fly Mart, the perfect place to arm your fly with everything he will need to take down that big nasty bat and the end of the stage.

Now what really makes Super Fly so much fun is all the items you can buy from the store. When you kill a creature it drops a coin. The more coins you collect the better items you can buy in the store. The store has an impressive 18 weapons ranging from boards and clubs to light swords and space ships! As well as weapons you can buy shields, hats, glasses, bling, and teeth to further deck your fly out in protective gear.

I do have one gripe with Super Fly; the controls can be just a tad difficult at times. To move your fly around you have a virtual joystick at the bottom left side of the screen. That in its self is nothing new, but just like most games with a virtual joystick, it doesn’t always work. Playing for long periods of time can make your fingers sweaty and then your fingers slip. But to be fair it isn’t very often you will sit down and play for an hour.

There is one other thing that should be mentioned.  When you buy Super Fly for a dollar you don’t get the full game. When you buy the game you unlock the first stage, all weapons, and all items. What the game doesn’t include is the two other levels, underwater and space. I find this a bit disingenuous. When you go to the app store and look at the screen shots you see the fly battling aliens in space and giant crabs at the bottom of the ocean. Nowhere does it mention that once you buy the app you have to shell out another two bucks to get those levels. Once again to be fair though, those levels are totally worth the two dollars and the game as a whole is worth the 3 dollars you paid for it. I just find it a bit sneaky of the developers to not mention it until you buy the game.

Without a doubt Super Fly is a game you should be adding to your collection. Even if you simply buy the base game, you have hours of gameplay here for just a buck. All the items keep things mix up nicely; right when you start to get bored you unlock a space ship to battle in. So what are you waiting for, go grab it.

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