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Posted by Travis Wahlstetd on Mar 4, 2011

Braveheart Review

Braveheart instantly caught my eye when I was browsing the app store several days ago. I was just taking a leisurely stroll through the app store when I suddenly saw a game called Braveheart. Well I am a big fan of the movie so of course I clicked on it. When I opened it I found a description that melted my heart. You play as the Knight Richard who has been tasked with recovering an ancient chalice that’s guarded by a great dragon. (We are good so far.) Braveheart is an action RPG with a leveling system. (This is sounding better and better.) Braveheart also has 10 different weapons and he can level those up as well. (That’s it, I am in love.)

If you couldn’t tell from my glowing intro, I might kind of, sort of, be a fan of medieval fantasy RPGs. Surprisingly Braveheart scratched my RPG itch quite nicely. When I opened up the game I was greeted by beautiful visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.  The story its self wasn’t anything genre changing but hey, it gave me an excuse to go out and hit things with a massive sword, so I am not complaining.

Now Richard isn’t some girly knight. He doesn’t need things like tactics or weapons training. He prefers to just go out into the forest and swing his weapon in a circle around himself. That’s right; you don’t actually ever attack anything in the game. They just walk into your spinning vortex of doom. Getting Richard to become a human spinning top is very simple. You just draw a circle around Richard and he starts to twirl around. Eventually his spinning will slow down and when that happens you simply draw another circle and he is back up to max twirl again. Now actually controlling Richard is just as easy. Simply tap where you want him to twirl to and he will twirl right on over, killing anything in his path as he goes. There is another control scheme but I found it much chunkier. Instead of drawing circles and taping you have a virtual d pad that you have to mess with.

Now on to the really important bit, is Braveheart fun? Yes! Killing monsters on the iPhone has never been more fun. Each level is strewn with item pickups and power ups. Is there anything better than killing six wizard apes with a Morningstar covered in poison slim? I think not! Every time I go into level I feel like a badass because every single level I get some awesome perk or level up, or beat my OpenFeint score. With a story mode that lasts for hours plus a challenge mode this game will keep you busy for a while.

Braveheart is an awesome little iPhone app that everyone should go out in enjoy. If you are a fan of RPGs or fantasy then you should defiantly go pick it up. Even if you couldn’t care less about leveling up or dragons or any of it, I would still advise you to go buy it.

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