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Posted by Travis Wahlstetd on Mar 11, 2011

Sims 3 Ambitions Review

Sims 3 Ambitions is the second expansion pack for the Sims 3 on iPhone. The most notable improvement to the game is several new careers that players can direct their sim through. Now instead of being a simple chief or government worker or some other boring profession, your sim can be a rock star, firefighter, artist, or sports star. These new jobs are actually a big improvement. They each come with new mini games and a better form of job advancement.

Another big addition is the ability to raise a baby in your game. This is a big feature on the PC and it seems like the iPhone crowd was really clamoring for it because here it is. After you woho with a sim there is a chance you will get a baby. Once you have a baby it is much like having a second job. You must play with the baby, feed the baby, and do all those parenting sort of things. While you are raising your small child you must also continue to go to work, make money, and support your growing family. This is when things get difficult; keeping your sim happy while raising a child and working a full time job takes a lot of work. I often found myself scrambling to get everything I needed done in a day. I guess this is pretty realistic of how it is actually raising a child but still. To some this hectic life style of raising your little sim while playing nightly sets at the nightclub and working towards your record deal might sound fun. But to me it just felt like one more thing I had to manage.

On top of adding some new features, Ambitions also has some slightly tweaked controls. Moving my sim around in the town map wasn’t the frustrating mess it was in Sims 3 or in World Adventure. I was never late for work once in this game!  Building onto my house is also a much easier process then it was in the original. The HUD on the iPhone has also been changed just a tad bit. There is now a fast forward and pause button which is great when you have your sim practicing guitar for hours on end (in game hours, not real hours on end, that would be mind numbingly boring).

Sims 3 Ambitions takes everything we loved about Sims 3 and World Adventure and then fixes it, new jobs, new town, new mini game, new HUD. What’s not to love? If you liked Sims 3 even a little bit, then don’t hesitate, buy it.


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