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Posted by Travis Wahlstetd on Mar 13, 2011

Dalton-The Awesome Review

Let’s start with the basics. In Dalton- The Awesome you play as the stick figure Dalton. Your goal is to last as long as possible while being chased by angry stick men and jumping from platform to platform. To make things just a little bit more interesting there are strategically placed spikes and piles of oil to hurt you and slow you down, in that order. You only have three hearts, that means if you get hurt three times, or fall then its game over.

Since it is a platformer you of course do lots of jumping. The platforming isn’t what you would expect though. You do no vertical jumping. There are no platforms above or below you that you have to leap for. Instead you jump from platform to platform with varying degrees of open space in between. So instead of being a vertical platformer it’s a horizontal platformer.

As you run you will be chased by an angry mob of stick figures. They slowly gain on you and if you’re not quite quick enough they will tear Dalton to shreds.  Lucky for you Dalton can collect power ups along his run. You can grab guns, health packs, jet packs, boxing gloves, skateboards, motorcycles, even tanks! Some of the power ups help you move faster and jump higher while other help you deal with those pesky stick men. For every stick man you kill you earn a soul. These souls can be used to upgrade your power ups or buy new ones. The process of earning souls is tad bit confusing though. The only way to kill a stick man when you don’t have a power up is to jump on their head Mario style. But since the game moves much faster than Mario this can be very hard to do. Timing your jump right so you land on the stick man’s head while also giving yourself enough room to jump again and make it to the next platform can be difficult.

Now there is one other big reason you should grab Dalton-The Awesome. The game looks great. The world is hand drawn with coloring crayons, and it couldn’t look better. While this might sound childish at first it really isn’t. Sprinting on platforms and jumping on stick men heads really couldn’t look better in any other style. Running through a crayon drawn Paris with an AK47 blasting stick men to bits just looks and feels great.

Dalton-The Awesome has now become one of my favorite games on my iPhone. Even after finishing the review I still find myself opening it back up to try and beat my latest high score or trying to upgrade this or that upgrade. As I said, the game couldn’t look better, run better, or play better, and for just a buck you would be a fool not to grab it. I couldn’t recommend this game more.

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